Hello! I'm

Malcolm Salvador

I love writing code and teaching people, while maintaining PCI compliance!

So, just who is

Malcolm Salvador?


Programmer and Educator with experience in Software Development and Automation Testing with Microsoft and Open Source Technologies

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  • Javascript
    • NodeJS, with Express.js as web server
    • Angular
    • jQuery
  • Wordpress
    • Divi Builder
    • AWS CDN via WPOffload
    • jQuery
  • .NET Stack
    • C#
    • VB.NET
  • Automated Testing
    • Selenium
    • Appium
    • Ghost Inspector
    • Browserstack
    • SoapUI
    • Postman
  • Cloud Services
    • Microsoft Azure
      • Frontdoor
      • Web Applications
      • Applications Insights
      • SQL Servers
      • Storage Accounts
    • Amazon Web Services
      • Cloudfront
      • API Gateway
      • S3
      • RDS
  • Continous Integration / Delivery
    • Devops Pipelines and Releases
    • Team Foundation Server
    • Octopus Deploy
    • Jenkins
  • Web Development
    • Wordpress
    • Divi Builder
    • Content Delivery Networks(Cloudfront, Frontdoor/Azure CDN)
  • Databases
    • MS SQL Server
    • MySQL
    • Intersystems Cache
Areas Of




Work Experience

Quality Assurance Automation Specialist

January 2018 - Present

Just Energy

Just Energy Group Inc. is a Canadian-based energy retailer operating in Canada, USA, Germany, Ireland, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

- Write and execute Test Plans/cases based on business requirements for Just Energy Mobile App, Paycom Payroll Systems and Just Energy Web Portal.
- Develop test automation scripts for regression testing for an iOS Sales app (using C#, Selenium, Appium and WebdriverAgent) and WebApps (with NodeJS, selenium-webdriver and Express.js) which reduced the testing time of these systems from one week to 2-3 days.
- Lead on implementation of Continuous Integration and Delivery (via Team Foundation Server on code commit or on Octopus Deployments and with: Ghost Inspector and NodeJS).

Full Stack Developer


Asian Terminals Incorporated, Manila, Philippines

Asian Terminals Inc. is a Philippine port operator, developer and investor located in Manila specialized in shipping container services.

- Redesigned and developed a client online information software (using C# ASP.NET, jQuery and with back end MS SQL and MUMPS) that increased loading speed by 50%, improve usability by converting the pages into Single Page Applications, and generate Business Intelligence (BI) reports much faster with a million record csv file download from an hour to 5 minutes.
- Performed client support for the legacy Terminal Operating System of the Pier, particularly in generating Accounting Reports, Accounts Management and Terminal OS Bug Fixing (with VB.NET, C# and MUMPS).

Full Stack Developer


ASEC Development and Construction Corporation, Cubao, Philippines

ASEC is a consctruction company specializing in commercial mid to high rise buildings as well as public structures such as bridges, schools, hospitals and churches.

- Implemented a secure corporate Web Portal (using PhP, jQuery and MS SQL) that stores all of the company’s classified documents that has helped the company achieve ISO 9000 certification.
- Developed a comprehensive Human Resource Information System (using VB.NET winforms, SQL Server, Microsoft Interop) that stored contract information for over 6000 workers and automatically reminded HR of contracts for renewal.
- Developed Payroll System that uses biometrics for timekeeping (using VB.NET winforms, SQL Server, MS Access and Microsoft Interop) streamlined with partner banks and generated BI reports.
- Developed various automated inventory management systems such management of I.T. Assets and Engineering Equipment Monitoring (with VB.NET and SQL Server) to replace the existing manual process that uses excel sheets.

Teaching Experience

IT Educator


Sumulong College of Arts and Science Antipolo, Rizal

Sumulong College of Arts and Sciences offers degrees in Information Technology, Marketing, Education and Criminology.

- Part-time Thesis adviser, Programming and Relational Database Management lecturer for 4 years

IT Educator


Sumulong College of Arts and Sciences, Antipolo, Rizal

Informatics International College is a Singapore-based school that offers degrees in Information Technology and Computer Science.

- Full-time Thesis adviser, Web Development, RDBMS and Programming Logic lecturer
- Head of the Research and Development Club.
- Written a proof of concept Enrollment Forecast System, which predicts the amount of students that will enroll on the subjects of Informatics for that semester.


Bachelor of Science in IT


Informatics International College, Cainta

- President Scholar Scholarship.
- Academic Excellence Awardee.
- TESDA NCIV: Programming Certification.

My Full Background

From 2011 to 2018

I graduated in 2011 and immediately worked as a lecturer for my college, Informatics International. I was asked to cover a range of subjects that cover Full Stack Development: from back end database development connecting that to a front end application that's either a Desktop App or a Web App.

I got to teach students and in return hone my skills in software development. In a way, the students acted as BA's for me. For example, in an activity where we are working with chatboxes, students would ask for features such as adding files to the chatbox, adding stickers, and how we're supposed to save the stickers to the back end! (hint: we use a placeholder string for that)

After years of teaching, I felt that I now had the skills and I wanted to try them in the industry. I started by working in a Construction Company: ASEC Development and Construction Corporation. here, I served as a Company Programmer. I wrote and maintained software that the owner required of me. My greatest achievement here would be my Human Resource Information System that calculated around 5000+ worker's salary each week, reducing the work that had to be done by 4 people in a span of 5 days to just 1 person in a day! This was written in VB.NET connected to SQL Server.

I served the company for three years, afterwards I had the opportunity to work for Asian Terminals Incorporated Here, I was able to develop their Webtrack, a software that I wrote this in C#, making use of ASP.NET and SQL Server as Back end.

While working with these companies, I also wrote side projects for time to time.

I developed the website for Bunny Jeans PH (they have since updated the website)

I also developed a Point-of-Sale application for the restaurant department for Fiesta Technologies

Time would come that we had to migrate to Canada. And for experience I started working as a QA Analyst/Automation Developer for Just Energy, CA Here I created Tasks and Test Cases that verified User Stories, Bugs and Support Requests. I wrote Issues for any test failures. I also have my first experience with both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Webservices here, as our applications run in the cloud.

I was also able to automate our testing of the JEM App, an IOS App that our field agents use to conduct sales and our tesing of the JEOS Web App, a site for enrollment and renewals for new customers this was written in NodeJS

I am currently developing applications with NodeJS with Express.js as webserver and Amazon Lightsail with an Ubuntu Implementation that runs my services.